Venue: Gloria

Helsinki Computer Orchestra @ Alternative Party, Helsinki

Alternative Party 2004 logo
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The Event

Alternative Party is an annual demoscene and art event.


Helsinki Computer Orchestra, a varied group representing multiple nationalities and musical styles, got together again with a slightly smaller number of players. The night's conductor was Erkki Pirtola.

Performed Piece

HCO's Alternative Party gig saw the second public performance of Shinji Kanki's pulse-based work "PCM 0355+53", this time with Erkki Pirtola conducting and without the premiere's short wave radio. See HCO's Avanto gig for more information.


Compared with HCO's Avanto gig, this was a much more chaotic event. Erkki Pirtola's take on PCM 0355+53 was much more relaxed than the composer's and the orchestra played as it was conducted. There was room for funny little incidents during this gig as well - my neighbour's (Antoine) Mac crashed and I played both my and his parts, while he was frantically rebooting his machinery (and trying to cover his Mac's internal speaker to drown out its happy little start-up tune). As one can see from the pic below, we were sitting quite tightly packed, but the roar we ended up conjuring was splendid again.

A tidbit from the gig: things people say about nerdfests (said with no offence intended) like Altparty appeared to be true. The odour of the event was sweat (even though the fest was just beginning) and there were posters on the walls directing towards the showers and reminding people it was good manners to try and use them at least once during the fest!

HCO at Alternative Party
Erkki Pirtola conducting PCM 0355+53 at Gloria.
Image courtesy of altparty.