Venue: Dubrovnik

Helsinki Computer Orchestra @ Digital

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The Event

Digital, International Sound Art event in Helsinki, April 16-18, 2004. Organized by Muu ry (press file)


The Helsinki Computer Orchestra is comprised of a rather heterogeneous group of experimental electronic musicians, free improvisers, and noise musicians. Their instruments, too, vary from clumsy 80's game consoles to the aerodynamically designed powerbooks of the new millennium. On the previous concerts orchestra has presented their interpretation of some classics of inderminate music (such as graphics piece "Treatise" by Cornelius Cardew). Most members in the orchestra have never worked with traditional notation.

Performed Piece

In Digital 3 Helsinki Computer Orchestra gave third performance of PCM 0355+53 by Shinji Kanki, a veteran of the computer music studio of the Sibelius Academy. The piece was premiered in Avanto Festival 2003.

Kanki's PCM 0355+53 can be approached with the concept of music as a language: what happens when a group of some twenty members, each playing in their own "language", start reading a score written in languages foreign to them? As source material for the score Kanki has used text in Morse code, EEG readings, dolphin sounds, and chance determined patterns - all these messages can be heard simultaneously in PCM 0355+35


All in all, this was a tad odd gig. It felt like we didn't quite fit in with the rest of the acts, as digital as we were and in fact I remember not sitting at the back of the bar Dubrovnik, watching the other gigs and thinking about the oddness of playing there. For our performance, we didn't have tables but had to sit in an odd arrangement on, at the edges and on the stairs of the place's tiny stage.