Venue: Studio Lá-bas, Kaapelitehdas

Ovro @ Studio Lá-bas, Helsinki

Lá-bas schedule (excerpt).

The Event

Lá-bas is an ongoing series of sound, performance and video art happenings in and sometimes out of Helsinki.

Track List

None taken down. The set was somewhat similar to the bit later Placard #7 gig, but longer. The sound material consisted of debut sound files and much later Mosaick the Serpent work files, forming amalgamations of themes, moods and soundscapes.


This was my first ever solo gig! I agreed to do the gig and even bring a background video with me and only after that started thinking how the heck was I going to do it. The answer was: learn new skills and software - using Live and video editors. Although things got a bit hectic as the gig approached, everything was ready and rehearsed in time.

Setting up the gig, I made one of the most common beginners' mistakes: crafted a tad too long a set. In my defence it has to be said I was asked to play that long by the gig organizer, but still - three quarters of an hour is a rather long time especially if you're in the audience of a place where most of the people have to sit on a concrete floor...

I did get - in my opinion - odd questions like "Were you playing your own material?" or more directly "Did you actually make the music yourself?" which half made me want to pull everybody's leg by telling how I was just the frontispiece for a middle aged beer bellied bolding dude's sounds, I pretty much answered with "Of course, who else's music I would play?" in an astonished voice... Othewise it was a rather well executed first ever gig, nothing to be ashamed of afterwards, to be sure!

Ovro @ La-bas
On stage.