Venue: Pannuhalli, Kaapelitehdas

Helsinki Computer Orchestra @ Studio Lá-bas, Helsinki

Excerpt from the event schedule.

The Event

Lá-bas is an ongoing series of sound, performance and video art happenings in and sometimes out of Helsinki.


The Helsinki Computer Orchestra is comprised of a rather heterogeneous group of experimental electronic musicians, free improvisers, and noise musicians. Their instruments, too, vary from clumsy 80's game consoles to the aerodynamically designed powerbooks of the new millennium.

The Helsinki Computer Orchestra featured Samuli Alapuranen, Cumhur Erkut, Enrico Glerean, Sami Järvinen, Satu Karhumaa, Ilkka Klang, Tommi Lehtovirta, Heikki Lintula, Emi Maeda, Sami Pekkola, Olli Pelkonen, Pilvari Pirtola, Samuli Salonen, Niko Sirkiä, Ibrahim Terzic, Jukka Vallisto, Juha Vehviläinen, Antoine Verhaverbeke and the orchestra's founder Tommi Keränen + a few additional players. The performance was conducted by Mikko Hynninen.

Performed Piece

Alphabet 2004 by Mikko Hynninen
duration ca. 30'

Alphabet is a composition based on a found footage material, the instructions how to pronounce the Finnish alphabet. The score starting with letter "a" and ends with "ö" is a crossword puzzle based on actual words in Finnish language. The horizontal axis of puzzle represents time, and the vertical axis represents different options for sample manipulations. Each of 29 members of the orchestra has one sample out of the recorded alphabet as a source material, which she/he may play with chosen software.


This was a fun gig to play! The orchestra (+ extra members to get all the alphabets) sat arranged as a class, at school tables. Our conductor played the part of a school teacher. Most of the members of the orchestra got into character well - I was dressed in "traditional schoolgirl clothes" (plaited mini skirt & white shirt) and chewing gum, "tattooed bad boys" were throwing crumpled up pieces of paper at each others and whatnot. Furthermore, the piece itself was fun to perform, although a tad more practice could have been had.