Private apartment of Helsinki Placard organizer.

Ovro (+ Skorpiovro) @ Placard #7, Helsinki

Placard #7
Placard #7 info

The Event

Placard is an unique concept. It is a headphone concert festival, playing with concentration, intimacy,time warp,and teleportation. For more information, see the current Placard site. The music of this Placard was streamed live to listening posts in France and Belgium (possibly others as well).

Track List

1. Ovro : Pre-Concrete Echoes
2. Ovro : Seconds of Sun Cave Mind Less Fire
3. Ovro : Phased
4. Ovro : First Momentum
5. Ovro : Bonfire of Stories
6. Ovro : Equate
7. Ovro : Differentiate
8. Ovro : It Will Only Hurt a Little
9. SkorpiOvro : Dreams Which Burn

Hear It!


Further Information

The gig was released on Some Place Else as a split live album with Niko Skorpio.

Placard #7
Placard #7 audience...


My second gig and the first occasion of me and Niko Skorpio playing live. While I had only a little time to prepare (we had spent the previous week in London, to see RE-TG), I had learned from my first gig's mistakes and went for a shorter, better constructed and more to-the-point gig.

I love the concept of Placard and playing there. Participants were joking how the neighbours must have thought there was some weird cult meeting going on: lots of people coming in, many with briefcases, dead silence for 30min or an hour at the time, then a sudden burst of cheers!

It was only after that I realized most of the people I played to were themselves musicians... Getting the feedback I did get felt even better after that realization, I can tell. I think it was after Placard, people (in Finnish gigs) gradually stopped asked me about whether I was really making my own music or just playing somebody else's material. I guess during that weekend I had enough time and energy to make it clear that to think otherwise was a mistake, heh.

Ovro & Skorpio's shoulder
Ovro playing, Skorpio waiting to sit down for SkorpiOvro bit.