Venue: Living Room

Skorp-i-Ovro @ TriAngelick Trepanations, Turku

TriAngelick Trepanations
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The Event

TriAngelick Trepanations was the third in series of Ovro & Niko Skorpio -team's evenings of live music at Living Room.


Track List

None available - or even ever taken down. Theme was ritualistic with far eastern chant influences. We went for a noisier start and then turned into a tranceworthy ritualistic soundscape.

The Artists busy at play.


"It was a really great night, musically. the room was almost packed. i don't know if i should complain about the super-calm demeanour of the audience, which otherwise gets on my nerves, but in this case suits the place and they all seem to listen very intently. so no complaints i guess. next time we can hand out drugs at the door.

Skorpiovro (ovro and niko skorpio for the stupid), both very elegantly dressed, walked in and calmly started their gig. it was basically a tightly structured, totally hypnotic 20 min piece with a steady increase in volume, intensity and sense of horror as it went. (i felt like i was blindfolded and tied to a pillar on a weird death-ritual type of event in some cold wet subterranian cave spending my last moments just pissing myself with dread, but that was just when i closed my eyes. and i'm generally not the type of person thinking this kind of shit much). the rhythms were clear and functional, with chiming percussion throughout. towards the end an agonizing screaming vocal emerged and got pulled in circulating around with the rest. and then skorpio pulled out a weird little double-cymbal kind of tibetan percussion and stroke a few loud and long chimes out of it, staring at it intensely. ovro was playing a keyboard with her toes. she fingered a bass guitar near the end. the piece ended suddenly. i've seen and heard these two people play a few times in recent past and i gotta say this time they impressed me to the bone. fantastic stuff! (Audience commentary from Ibro)

"The evening was started off by Skorpio and Ovro, who no longer surprised me with the brilliance of their material. The set consisted of echoing ritual soundscapes; again more "ordinary" materal, but executed with personality and style, although comparisons to Svasti-Ayanam and Herbst9 could not be avoided. Hypnotic chants and chimes created the final touch to a first-class listening experience. Both artists were festively dressed, down to their funny hats. Ovro played with all limbs." (Kuolleen musiikin yhdistys)



After having had such good feedback from our Placard #7 collaboration bit and enjoying playing live together, we decided to do more as a duet, to create a new artistic entity.

Playing as a duet gives us both more artistic freedom, less pressure on one individual player (especially when compared to solo gigs) and a true possibility of interaction and suprising of a set where the main theme and structure is agreed on, but everything within that main frame is improvised.

During our very first duet gigs we didn't as yet have "uniforms", so we dressed up smartly - in suits. Hats were an addition and headgear has stayed as part of our stage gear ever since. The audience response and review above talk about me playing the keyboard with my toes... That was for one simple reason: we ran out of space on the table and had to put the keyboard on the floor. How do you play an instrument that's that low? With your toes, of course! You have to be innovative and practical when confined to a small place to play in.

TriAngelick Trepanations
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