Saatanan Mustat Nahkasiivet
Book cover


Venue: Living Room

Skorp-ï-Ovro @ Saatanan Mustat Nahkasiivet book release party, Turku

The Event

Voimasana publishing house held a book release party for Tapio Kotkavuori's book "Saatanan Mustat Nahkasiivet" at Some Place Else's headquarters and live event space, Living Room. Skorp-ï-Ovro (later known as Hæretici 7o74) was requested to perform some musick at the event.

Hear it:

The set was recorded in its entirety and can be downloaded here:
Skorp-ï-Ovro - Live @ Living Room 2004/12/04 (complete)

Audience Feedback

"I don't know where I went but you took me somewhere strange."


This wasn't a gig in any ordinary sense, as we were asked to perform at the end of a book release party. The publishing house Voimasana had rented Living Room for their party and booked us, too.