Venue: Vastavirta-klubi.

Ovro @ Syntesia, Tampere

Gig flyer

The Event

Syntesia is a club of mostly industrial and noise music, arranged in Tampere. The Syntesia I and Niko Skorpio played at was the first one in the series.


Immediately after gig musings: "The gig generated positive feedback. On that occasion I may not have been that much to look at, hiding under my cap and behind the computer tables and I heard afterwards that I could have been much louder than I was, but this gig broke a huge personal barrier of mine - I used my mics and vocalized live!"

One thing to really stick to mind of this gig was how terribly low the table was. I'm pretty short and I had to bend down considerably in order to be able to see what I was doing with my machinery.

All bent down at the table.