Venue: Living Room

Ovro @ Last Rites for the Living Room, Turku

Last Rites
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The Event

Last Rites for the Living Room was the sixth and final in series of Ovro & Niko Skorpio -team's evenings of live music at Living Room and formed a "one-day minifestival".

Set #1

Track List

None written down, but set #1 consisted of Gegendurchgangenzeit material + Mosaick the Serpent under works stuff, set #2 was noise from various projects of mine.

Set #2


Immediately after gig -feelings:

"For my part I'm pleased - even though my (main) set suffered from technical difficulties. Read: I almost broke the PA. Too much bass, apparently. So.... the set was about 10 min shorter than what was my original intention.

My second set was 9-minute burst of 'I'll have some fun and make some noise'. I have to say it was rather humbling - for lack of a better word - to step on stage after Rulla!"

Set List
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