Ovro, Hæretici 7o74 @ Kolina, Helsinki

Venue: Vuoritalo.

Gig flyer

The Event

"kolina is a club for good music. which means mainly industrial and noise. some electronic stuff is good too."

Setlist / Ovro

None written down, although one might be salvaged from old gig material backup cdrs. The gig material consisted of a tad of Gegendurchgangenzeit sounds and tracks worked towards Mosaick the Serpent & Vipera Aurea -EPs. First track was an unreleased one called Io Khaos.

Gig theme / Hæretici 7o74

Our gig went with only a very loose framework agreed upon beforehand so it was mainly an improvised set.


This was my first (and last...) encounter with the legendary, now-lost Vuoritalo, a clearly punk-based place where cleanliness wasn't considered next to godliness, running water was just a dream (and this place used to be a fire station!) and heating was people-generated - but as a place to play, it worked splendidly. While the Hæretici 7o74 worked well (but wasn't one of our bests), my solo set had a bunch of problems. After the first track one of the two laptops I was using decided to go into hibernation (!!), which can be clearly heard from the gig recording as the sound getting thinner for a while. Fortunately, I managed to resurrect the darned machine. Afterwards I realized there was a mirror behind me and the PC dying had provided a side show for the audience...

On stage at Kolina
On stage.