Ovro, Hæretici 7o74 @ Satyrday, Turku

Venue: Ostium

Gig flyer

The Event

Saturday was the first in series of Ovro & Niko Skorpio -team's evenings of live music at Ostium.

Setlist / Ovro

None written down. The gig was mostly a shorter version of the material played the night before. First track was unreleased one called "IO Khaos" and did cause some chaos ...

Gig theme / Hæretici 7o74

Without a definite theme, our gig was a mellower-than-before improvised set.


Second night of a three day gigging spree, gigs #3 & #4 for me. Lost Weight had fallen ill, so I had to fill in for him with very short notice indeed. Due to the short notice,had to make do with playing only with one laptop and suffer the consequences. That is, I had it choke on me early on the gig, leaving me without another source of sound and the audience waiting for something to actually happen.At one point I even - half jokingly - asked for donations in order to get a new laptop. Didn't get eaten alive by angry audience, though, so all's good. Actually, the Ovro gig got called the highlight of the evening.