Venue: Koko Teatteri

Hæretici 7o74 @ Äänen lumo, Helsinki

Event info

The Event

Äänen lumo is a series of sound art happenings in Helsinki.

Gig Theme

The theme of our gig was the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, with me "conducting" the ritual sitting in a circle and Niko Skorpio sitting facing me in a triangle, playing whatever got channeled through him.


Third night of the three day gigging spree, gig #5 for me. I was getting hugely tired, I can tell. The place - Koko Teatteri - was a great one to play in and for once we had room to play in instead of being cramped to a tiny space.

If you saw this gig and would like to write a review or otherwise comment, or have pictures of us on stage, drop me a line, thanks!