Venue: Vastavirta-klubi

Hæretici 7o74 @ Syntesia, Tampere

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The Event

Syntesia is a club of mostly industrial and noise music, arranged in Tampere.

Track list

1. Bython et Silentium
2. Nam Serpentem Magnificant
3. Huius Perversitatis Doctrina

Hear it


Our gig in Tampere was arranged by the nice people of Syntesia. As before, the organizers were friendly, the general atmosphere great and the evening's gigs pretty good! This time there was a bit more audience there, too.

The set was perhaps the best we had done that far. All the little bits and pieces fell well into their right places and the general feeling during playing was energetic and happy. The gig wasn't quite like the rehearsals - it went even better. The audience response was very positive, with "Do you have anything released?" being asked several times during the rest of the night.