Gig flyer


Venue: TVO.

Ovro @ KMY, Turku

The Event

"Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys ry, roughly translated as "the Dead Music Union", is a group of people in Turku, Finland who share an interest in industrial, dark ambient, apocalyptic folk, power electronics and other related genres of music and organize different events and activities around this music scene."


Roughly as follows:

1: Statement of Inexistance (intro)
2: Bagged Beast (exerpts of Released Beast)
3: Summoned I Summon
4: General PanIck
5: Scarlet Calls
6: (Rotting Ill) Fates
7: Vorpal Angel
8: Equation Impossible
9: Strangers
10: End is Nigh
11: Released Beast

The material played was tracks from as then forthcoming Mosaick the Serpent and Vipera Aurea + unreleased material.


"Very good show, somehow louder than I expected. My favourite performance of that evening, I'd say. I'll definitely have to get that new album of yours!" (jobbana, audience feedback)

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The folks of Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys ry asked me to come and play and I went: "Sure!". The venue, a student organization run "cellar pub/gig venue" has many merits, but poses some problems when it comes to playing there. One is pillars blocking view, another no actual stage, third rattling ventilators resonating with lower end frequences, fourth the shape of the venue. This isn't a complaint, it's a statement of facts well known to people having played there (and gig audiences).

With three acts playing that night and me being the first, the stage was packed. At first I was given a table right in the middle of the stage - which would have meant having me play behind a pillar... Luckily, the kind guys of BSE helped moving me to the side, which was much less discouraging, heh. While I and my assistant for the night, Niko Skorpio, were there early, schedules didn't hold with the sound checks and I was still doing mine when audience started arriving. Oh well, they got tasters of what was going to be played.

I had planned to come out from behind my table and laptops, but the tightly packed stage made those plans impossible - it would have required practically climbing under the table. Fortunately, Niko was a bit freer to move about, taking pictures and vocalizing on a couple of tracks, so it wasn't just more or less stationary me there.

While I had played before in Turku, it's been in much smaller venues and for most of the audience in TVO, it's their first encounter of not only me on stage, but my music altogether. After-gig thoughts: "Went rather well, according to feedback and my own feelings."

For images of the gig, see Jori Kemppi's gallery.