Ovro @ Noisy Women, St. Petersburg

Venue: Gallery of the Experimental Sound 21

Gig flyer
Gig flyer

The Event

Noisy Women was a two-day minifest celebrating female noise artists in honor of Women's Day.

Track list

- Gegenbits (soundscapes from Gegendurchgangenzeit)
- Invocation
- General PanIck
- Vorpal Angel
- Equation Impossible
- Bed of Snakes
- Mortal Strangers
- End is Nigh...

Niko vocalizing
Niko on vocals of General PanIck. Image courtesy of Gosha.


Heading to the night's gig venue, we then set up the stage. My table wass slightly off centre and I managed to keep it there in spite of helpful tries of getting it moved to the middle. This kind of set-up lets me get away from behind the computers and, well, give more of a performance.

Niko Skorpio, my excellent assistant on male vocals and bass abuse, could give a better description of what happened - I tend to get into the show, not seeing audience even... I do think it went well...

When I was packing my gear with the help of Niko, some members of the audience come over to congratulate. Well, they go over to Niko and speak to him. I don't know if I'm difficult to approach or just taken as a "female frontpiece for the actual artist" or what. A couple guys were there for Niko to begin with (wise move to put his name on the posters & ads, heh) as they were die-hard fans of his dead and buried funeral doom band Thergothon. Niko didn't seem to know how to react to the whole affair.

The place wasn't packed, but definitely not empty either. Even though it was Tuesday, it was kind-of Saturday as the next day is a holiday. Now, we understood how the gigs were "sort of on weekend", even in the middle of week.

After the show, there was no time to relax, as we had to move quickly to the railway station and hit the night train to Moscow. We managed to pick the right train out of many heading there and find our seats which were a bit later turned into beds. Night went quietly, although I did wake up several times as the window above my head dripped condensed water on my head...

Ovro vocalizing
Bed of Snakes being sung.

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