Venue: Culture Centre "DOM"

Ovro @ Noisy Women, Moscow

Gig flyer

The Event

Noisy Women was a two-day minifest celebrating female noise artists in honor of Women's Day.

Track list

- Statement of Inexistence - Bound Beast
- Summoned I Summon
- Scarlet Calls
- General PanIck
- (Rotten Ill) Fates
- Equation Impossible
- Vorpal Angel
- Mortal Strangers
- Allmixedup
- Freed Beast

Gig flyer
Stage assistant gets the mood. Image courtesy of Elipa.


Me and my trusty assistant Niko Skorpio hit the stage first, again. My table wass set smack dab in the middle of the stage and my protests and suggestions of moving it slightly off centre were either not understood or otherwise got ignored. Oh well, I could manage that way, too. I put out a noisier set than the night before and Niko bellowed his lyrics splendidly and tormented the poor bass. At one point I took him by surprise, attacking him while he was sitting on the floor, grabbing him by his collar (I put a dog collar on him at the beginning of the show) and yelling at his face. He reacted quite appropriately, moaning back at me.

A bit later, a broken cable started putting unwanted noise into the show and kept quiet only if I held it in the right position. This basically tied me behind the machines for the rest of the show.

Having played first (and listening to Niko getting congratulated, again, which feels odd both to him and me), we could then relax and watch the other two performances.

From the latter part of the set. Image courtesy of Elipa.

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