Hæretici 7o74 @ Vainohulluus, Helsinki

Venue: Factory.

Gig flyer.
Contrary to the flyer, Noises of Russia didn't play and was replaced by Cosine Nomine.

The Event

Industrial/Noise/ebm/ambient club. "Vainohulluus -tapahtumia järjestetään musiikin ja elämyksien vuoksi, kaikki mahdollinen ylijäämä budjetissa sijoitetaan uusien tapahtumien ja laadukkaiden artistien esiintymisien järjestämiseen."

Gig Theme

Our set played around Beastly and Scarlety themes, adding theatrical elements to our show.

H7o74 on stage
Hæretici 7o74 on stage.


This gig at Factory was a "kick-in" into our journey to Riga with Älymystö, and the first one where we stepped out from behind our tables properly, starting from getting on stage with me looking mournful, being led by Niko. Having candles and incence on stage helped to form the mood for us and for the audience.

We had background video imagery provided by Russian VJ Yuri and although we ourselves didn't see what was projected behind us, we've been told his addition to our show was quite fitting indeed.

Playing the gig was satisfying and the audience feedback downright enthusiastically good. Even though the space we had on stage was quite tiny, we managed to use it effectively. Giving the audience something to see in addition to listening was a decision well made. All in all, the after-gig feelings were quite happy.

Ovro vocalizingNiko Skorpio working the machinery