Hæretici 7o74 @ STURM live, Riga

Venue: Club Depo.

STURM flyer

The Event

The evening was arranged by Latvian industrial collective STURM.

Track list

1. Israel and the Broken Bell
2. Hollow
3. Scorched Entry
4. Bury the Thief!
5. Regurgitated Exit
6. Vive oncle Al

Hear it


When it comes to sound quality and volume, this was the gig. Especially the low end was a dream come through for a low frequency fan like me. Club Depo had surely put a lot of effort and funds in their sound system and apparently they either don't have decibel restrictions there, or the club owners don't care about them. In any case, we could put out as much noise as we wanted and the PA could take it. Wonderful! One member of Älymystö (who we were warming up for and who we traveled with) said our frequences made his nose hairs tremble!

For the audience in Club Depo we were a completely unknown entity and people there didn't have a clue what to expect. While I don't usually see audience at all when performing (concentration does this), I did notice we were watched keenly and that the first few rows of people had sat down on the floor. This was as I had hoped for, as some of my vocalizing took me down to the floor , knelt down and bowing forward.

The only reviews I could find of the gig were in Russian, but what I could decipher from them (using an online translation service), our gig was "something never heard or experienced before" - in a good way.

If you saw this gig and would like to write a review or otherwise comment, drop me a line, thanks!

Image courtesy of an audience member.