Venue: Rauhanasema.

Hæretici 7o74 @ Noise vs. Glamour, Helsinki

Noise vs. Glamour
Gig flyer.

The Event

"Noise vs. Glamour presents all known styles of noise music from musique concrete to drone and demonstrates a wide range of modern soundmaking methods, including frequency generators or live music. At the noise orbit, like as at the orbit of big planet, you can see rotating elements of ritual, social revolts, art-performance. All performances will visualize by video-installations masters video art."

Gig Theme

Our set was an aural realization of an elemental ritual, with Niko Skorpio's vocals reciting uncle Al.

Haeretici 7o74
Image courtesy of Vladimir Manevtsov

Audience Responses

"Ihan helevetin hyvä!! Musiikki ja esiintyminen olivat vakuuttavia ja tukivat täydellisesti toisiaan. Synkkää ja massiivista jopa tuossa tilassa." / "F'n great!! The music and the performance were convincing and supported each others perfectly. Gloomy and massive even in that venue."

"Hæritici 7o74 oli itselleni aika helkkarin iloinen yllätys, varsinkin kun en osannut odottaa mitään, taajuudet olivat kohdillaan ja muutenkin homma pelasi, aluksi hieman huvitti mies vokalistin asuste, mutta vähän aikaa seurattuani todisti hän itselleni että olin täysin väärässä suhtautuessani niin." / "For me Hæretici 7o74 was a damned pleasant surprise, given that I didn't know what to expect, the frequences were quite right and everything worked well, at first I was a bit amused by the male vocalist's outfit, but after following the act for a while he convinced me I was totally wrong having that attitude."

Niko SkorpioOvro
Images courtesy of Vladimir Manevtsov


The Noise vs. Glamour event in Helsinki was an action and noise packed evening. As there was a huge bunch of artists and acts participating, everything was suitably chaotic, but everything ended up working well. At first, it seemed like there was going to be trouble having both the performers' set-ups and the audience to fit in, but with the first acts removing their gear at the same pace as more audience came in, space wasn't too scarce.

While there was space for both artists and the audience, me and Niko got a bit of stuck behind our tables, which restricted the theatrical elements of our performance somewhat. However, this didn't seem to bother anybody else (and not us either, at the end of the day). The sound quality to be had was good and even the necessary fiddling with levels to decrease mic feedback didn't take away the mood we got in while playing.

Our background video stream was (again) provided by the Russian master VJ Yuri, who truly is a wiz in his trade. It's a pity I haven't ever been able to see the imagery he conjures up behind our backs during our two collaborations, but according to those who did see his input to our shows have told me that his video work has fitted our music and performances perfectly.

See it!

Note: the sound quality of this short snippet is poor, capturing only the highest end of our sound material!