Venue: Kantis.

Hæretici 7o74 @ Boring As Fuck, Helsinki

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The Event

"Boring as Fuck is a series of clubs and (mini)fests, which have been arranged over the period of several years in Helsinki.

Gig Theme

This time around, we ascended through a path of chakras in a set titled "n/um".

Image by Anniina Tuura.


Playing at BAF was nothing like the evening's title would have you believe. Even though the surroundings posed its own problems, there were plenty of people inside and it was fun to break a more than two years of gig silence and meet a bunch of friends.

Images by Kimmo Koli.

Oh, the problems... The gig was held at a lunch restaurant side of Kantis, with one door separating us from a noisy saturday drunken pub folks. There was also a birthday party with a noisy punkish band in the basement floor of the same restaurant complex. As the place is a restaurant, it looked like a pizzeria, although much was done to make it look more atmospheric. Being next to a pub, some of the drunken babble sounded through and some of the audience members liked to talk over the beers more than listen to the performances... The roof structures resonated as heck back to the players, but luckily not that much to the audience.

Image by Anniina Tuura.