Venue: Klubi / Ilta.

Ovro @ Club RAW, Turku

Club RAW
Gig flyer.

The Event

Club RAW organizes gigs in Turku.

Track List

- Sidéral
- Vorpal Angel
- Gegenbits (themes from Gegendurchgangenzeit)
- Scarlet Calls
- Iconon
- Compulsed
- The Loonies

Tracks and themes from Revisited and Gegendurchgangenzeit with a new twist, completely new interpretations of "Vorpal Angel" & "Scarlet Calls" and a brand new track.

On Stage
Image by Anniina Tuura.


"Must have been the best Ovro gig this far!"
"Great gig, and this [music] was something I'm not usually exposed to at all."
"You warped time, it felt like only fifteen minutes. I'm impressed."
(audience feedback)

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On Stage
Image by Niko Skorpio.


This was my first solo gig since March 2006! Oh my, how time flies... Playing in the middle of the week, with a poor weather keeping folks inside made my audience small. While that's not really something that bothers me too much, it's always a pity for the gig organizers when people won't turn up.

For this gig I made all new versions of two older tracks, Vorpal Angel and Scarlett Calls, and actually sang them. That was a first - the singing - as earlier my vocal contributions have been more of the reciting or shouting kind. Not a bad experience, I'd say, although for possible later gigs I may need an assistant to watch over and use the machinery while I'm busy with the mics...

On Stage
Image by Niko Skorpio.