Venue: Club ELEKTRA

Ovro @ Suomalaista Industrialia

Suomalaista Industrialia
Gig flyer.

The Event

"Suomalaista Industrialia" (= Finnish Industrial) was arranged by Latvian Sturm collective, who run subculture club Elektra in Riga, Latvia.

The event was the last leg of Älymystö & And Then You Die -tour, although the ATYD return home after Tallinn gig due to PA related difficulties and were "replaced" my me and Niko Skorpio in Riga.

Track List

- (Rotting Ill) Fates
- The Blank Years
- The Prediction
- Vorpal Angel
- The Sacrifice
- Scarlet Calls
- The Interlude
- The Loonies

First ever "all 'songs'" gig for me: starting with 2004's (Rotting Ill) Fates, then going for brand new tracks & 2008 versions of Mosaick the Serpent / Vipera Aurea tracks.

I also assisted Niko Skorpio on his gig, playing bass.


If you saw this gig and would like to write a review or otherwise comment, drop me a line, thanks! Pictures are more than welcome as well.


Time had - yet again - flied since my last solo gig. Breaks like this gnaw on the readiness of going on stage. Certainty brought on by more active gigging tends to get lost with time, making preparations more time and energy consuming. This, of course, could be easily remedied, if I only remembered to keep myself more gig-ready even without any gigs in sight...

Leaving these musings aside, let's get back to the actual business!

This was my second trip to Riga, the first being Hæretici 7o74 gig there at club Depo in May 2006 (my Gods, was it that long ago?). Since that trip, Latvian STURM collective had found a deserted factory and turned it to a truly industrial club. The place was simply awesome with loads of space and opportunity to be as loud as one wants. Lovely!

This club is definitely a place I would love to play again! Not to mention go over the visit on holiday.

Waiting for the gig
At ELEKTRA, waiting for action. Image by Niko Skorpio.

The one downside when it comes to the club was the temperature inside. One couldn't even think of taking off one's coat or hat... On stage the energy of being on stage made it possible to wear just a rather light shirt, miniskirt and fishnets, but as soon as the music stopped, it was back to wintery attire as soon as possible!

Due to flying over, we - I & my partner in many ways Niko Skorpio - traveled as lightly as possible. This meant having a tad smaller array of effects available, only one mixer, no synth and bass borrowed from Älymystö (thanks guys!). For me, this meant having a quite static mic setup. In combination with lack of monitors, some of my vocalizations (spoken lyrics) came out quieter than intended... Oh well, at least the sung parts were heard by the audience!

On stage
Image by Marko Eskola.

Oh, one thing needs to be mentioned: while it was still as difficult for me to actually see the audience as ever - I did spot people dancing during a couple of tracks! Wow.

Niko assisting me and me assisting Niko left some of the audience scratching their heads. "What's this? Two bands playing one after the other - but both having the same two people?". That's efficiency, our style! (wink)

On stage
Niko Skorpio on stage, me on bass.
Image by Marko Eskola.